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What to expect on your first visit



1)      Consultation

After a review of your personal history form, you will receive a no-charge consultation, at which time it will be determined if a chiropractic evaluation is appropriate for you.


2)      Evaluation

A Chiropractic evaluation focuses on the nerve system and the spine which protects it. The spine protects the Brain Stem, the Spinal Cord, and the Spinal Nerve Roots. Normal transmission of nerve impulses are vital to the function of your entire body. All of these structures work together and are intimately related. So, your evaluation is directed toward your nerve system and its protective spinal structures, regardless of what symptoms you do or do not have at any given time. You may also receive a Myovision computerized surface EMG (ElectroMyoGraph). This study in non-invasive (no needles or radiation) and helps us determine your musculoskelital patterns.

3)      Report of Findings

You will receive a complete report of our findings, which will be written as well as verbal, on your next visit. This is included in the first visit fee.
Your report of findings will cover your diagnosis and recommendations for your care with a plan of action. Specific for your condition your doctor will prescribe a tailor made exercise program that will be e-mailed to you in a streaming video you can watch on your Iphone at the health club. This is the same level of service we provide for our top athletes and the many families that have been coming to us for over a decade.

      Our financial policy

Our fees have been established to be reasonable and affordable to you, weather or not you have insurance coverage. We require that all fees be paid at the time of each visit.

We accept check, cash or credit/debit card. We are also happy to offer special reduced fee prepayment plans, as well as special family fee plans. We do accept most forms of insurance. Please bring your insurance card with you on your first visit and we will let you know your benefits according to your policy.